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The Joy Of Having Another Day Of Life


When you think of life, what comes to mind?  According to Webster’s Dictionary,  it is defined as the period of existence.  I know, to everyone, life may mean something different because of the different lives we’ve lived.  In my opinion life is a precious thing that God has blessed everyone with and I feel that it is every individual person’s responsibility to make it the best they can to benefit others and themselves.

When I think back on my life,  I’ve had a really good life. Being younger I remember always having what I need and, for the most part, what I want.  My parents are very caring and have done the absolute best job raising my sisters and I.  I never worried about anything growing up and never saw any worry on the faces or in the words of my parents.

My personal adult life has had its moments where I’ve felt disconnected.  Those times have included my realization of how my parents’ divorce affected me,  my loneliness when I moved to Georgia, and trying to find my life path both spiritually and professionally.   I covered up a lot of times because I’m generally a happy person and as long as I’m laughing and feel loved by the people I’m around I’m ok.  However everyday I wake up, I feel blessed to have another day to do something productive and have a better day.

The joy of having another day of life is knowing that you can make the decision to start anew.  You can change your attitude if you acknowledge you have a bad one.  You can change your career path if you find yourself unhappy and not developing in the one you’re in.  You can change your spiritual habits of you know that your life is not what you want it to be.  Another day allows for change. Everyone can stand to grow more in different ways gradually while learning lessons on the way.  Embrace a new day and consider yourself new everyday!