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Living In The Movies…

Hi my name is Charita and I’m a movie addict and this NaBloPoMo challenge prompt is right up my alley. These challenges are great by the way!! I’m getting excited so let’s just jump right in.  The question is “If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?” I would have to say Harlem Nights.

Harlem Nights

Harlem Nights is a cult favorite movie and, personally, one of my favorite movies of all time.  It was released November 17, 1989 and, mind you, I was born in 1984 so I was young when it was released but I absolutely love THIS movie! The cast of Harlem Nights has all of the great actors and comedians of our time….period.  All of these legends include Redd Foxx, Danny Aiello, Della Reese, Jasmine Guy, Robin Harris and Richard Pryor.  It was also written, directed, and starred Eddie Murphy.  I have seen this movie an unimaginable amount of times.

I chose Harlem Nights because of the era it was set in which is the 30s.  The style of dress back then is what really pulls me in.

Harlem Renaissance Pic

Harlem Nights 2

Harlem Nights 3

The way they dressed in the 30s was classy and sexy at the same time and the cars and nightclubs like the Savoy and the Cotton Club was to LIVE for.

1930s car2

Cotton Club

Savoy Club

Just to live in that era in Harlem had to be extraordinary as far as the arts and the Harlem Renaissance.  I would have loved being in the midst of that era when any form of art was an important part of our culture and artists and poets were storytellers that were famous but could live normal lives without being hassles by anyone.  That was a time when you could walk up to a person like Zora Neale Hurston, Romare Bearden, and Countee Cullen and have conversations about what their inspirations were behind their work.  To live in that era would have been amazing and inspiring for someone that is a creative and innovative artist.  An artist could learn a lot from them.

Return of Odysseus by Romare Bearden

The Return Of Odyseuss



For A Poet by Countee Cullen


I have wrapped my dreams in a silken cloth

And laid them away in a box of gold

Where long will cling the lips of the moth

I have wrapped my dreams in a silken cloth

I hide no hate

I am not even wroth

Who found the earth’s breath so keen and cold

I have wrapped my dreams in a silken cloth

And laid them away in a box of gold.


Living any amount of time in Harlem Nights would have been great but only because of the era in which it took place. There were amazing things happening at that time in the arts and since I am an artistic person, both visual and literal, I would have been in heaven at that time. To get a glimpse of that time, see the movie Harlem Nights and research poets, painters and writers of the Harlem Renaissance.  You may get some inspiration and fall IN LOVE with their art just like I did!!!