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So I have changed my blog name…

Hello all you beautiful people!
I know I haven’t posted anything to this blog in a while but there is a reason for this. I decided that the name of the blog doesn’t fit me at all and when I started blogging I don’t feel I thought the name all the way through.
Fortunately I have thought it out for a while and the new name is….(drumroll please)
Colors of A Sapphire!!!

I chose this name because I felt like it embodied me because my birthstone is Sapphire but I am not a person that is only one dimensional or one color so that’s where colors came from which also means that my posts will be multi-dimensional. I wanted to express that to everyone. Hopefully everyone will like the new flow of the new blog, Colors Of A Sapphire! Click on the link and go over and check out the new look! Let me know what you think.


The Cool and Calm of Nighttime…Authentically

I have been on this earth for 29 years and from my memory of my life, I have always been a night owl.  I never liked waking up in the morning to go to school and I’m just not a morning person.  I have never understood what makes a person wake up in the morning and be extremely chipper and happy.  Sometimes I just want to ask them “What happened to you this morning?”  I wonder how they are so happy and upbeat that early in the morning.

Night Sky

I remember back in my school days my mother waking me up to get ready and she’d come in my room and say “Wake up Little Girl” even though I was in junior and high school.  I’d open my eyes and say to myself “I’m just going to lay here another 5 minutes”.  I would fall right back to sleep.  About 20 or 30 minutes later, my mom would come back and say “Girl I woke you up 30 minutes ago.”  I never could just get up.  I feel like I had to be jolted awake to really be awake.

I feel that nighttime is when I am my most authentic self emotionally, physically, and creatively.  I love the night because because of the mystery of it and how it allows me to find things out for myself.  The time I have at night is when I gather my thoughts and create and have my best ideas.  The nighttime is when I feel my most EVERYTHING!!! I just feel like myself.

Hey let me know when you feel your most authentic in the comments below. Night or day?

A Cover Represents A Thousand Words

Ok so I’ve been slacking on a lot of things (this blog included) and reading has definitely been one of them. I love reading and have since I was a little girl. I could read a single book in 2 days and move right on to the next one without missing a beat.

Back then I got recommendations for books from my friends and for the most part, my friends and I would just borrow each other’s books and pass than around to everybody until they got back to the original owner. We had done that since junior high on into high school. My friends helped me choose books back then.

However now that I am older and more mature I choose my own books of whatever genre I feel at that time to indulge in. Lately though I’ve been reading more career books such as

Russell Simmons “Super Rich”

50 Cent and Robert Greene “The 50th Law”

The covers of these 2 books didn’t necessarily pull me in but the description of each book did. When I read a nonfiction book (which these both are) I read the book based on reviews, recommendations, and the  given by the author/publisher. I feel that most nonfiction books’ covers don’t tell you about the book more than it tells you about the author. Self-help/career read tend to play to the fact of who the author is rather than what the book is actually about so you have to read reviews and the description.

Fiction books, however, are all about the cover artwork because that is what will draw the reader to the book when the person is in a store that has a display of books. The cover has to be interesting to look at for a reader to pick it up and even read the description of what it’s really about.

When I decide I want to read a book no matter what genre, I go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or a local bookstore to read the description, reviews, or actually look through the table of contents and the first couple pages. Looking through the book myself helps me get a feel for the content and decide if it’s something I’m interested in. The cover may have very little to do with me buying it or choosing to read it. Content makes or breaks my decision ultimately on the choice.

I am actually now looking for a couple of books to keep me company. I get recommendations and inspiration from different places so if you have any recommendations leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

Working On My Unplugged Self

So at this time I am actually plugged in listening to Kid Fury and Crissle on The Read, an amazingly hilarious podcast of two friends that speak the honest, brutal truth and say what everyone else is thinking. These two personalities are intelligent and more real than real will ever get. Listening to Kid Fury and Crissle is something I make time to do every SINGLE week. It’s like a rite of passage and if you’ve never heard The Read, you should be read on the show. Google it, listen to it, and be extremely entertained.


As you can see I am plugged in a good amount of the day and I know sometimes it’s a bit much but I’m sorry I am IN LOVE with Instagram.That’s my creative side because I love seeing people’s lives and what beauty people can capture with just a camera on their smartphone. AMAZING!

I also love using my phone to store things I need to remember and receive information from different websites. I use it to listen to podcasts, books, and read blogs. I’m actually using my phone posting right now. I am pretty much always plugged in but I am realizing being on social media and the internet all the time is leading me to forget how much I love being available to people in person and to myself present in the moment.


I love just being! So I’m making a conscious effort to unplug and live in the moment to get things done and experience life in a way that I’ve always wanted to live. I’m starting the journey and I’m excited to see what’s in store for me!

The Joy Of Having Another Day Of Life


When you think of life, what comes to mind?  According to Webster’s Dictionary,  it is defined as the period of existence.  I know, to everyone, life may mean something different because of the different lives we’ve lived.  In my opinion life is a precious thing that God has blessed everyone with and I feel that it is every individual person’s responsibility to make it the best they can to benefit others and themselves.

When I think back on my life,  I’ve had a really good life. Being younger I remember always having what I need and, for the most part, what I want.  My parents are very caring and have done the absolute best job raising my sisters and I.  I never worried about anything growing up and never saw any worry on the faces or in the words of my parents.

My personal adult life has had its moments where I’ve felt disconnected.  Those times have included my realization of how my parents’ divorce affected me,  my loneliness when I moved to Georgia, and trying to find my life path both spiritually and professionally.   I covered up a lot of times because I’m generally a happy person and as long as I’m laughing and feel loved by the people I’m around I’m ok.  However everyday I wake up, I feel blessed to have another day to do something productive and have a better day.

The joy of having another day of life is knowing that you can make the decision to start anew.  You can change your attitude if you acknowledge you have a bad one.  You can change your career path if you find yourself unhappy and not developing in the one you’re in.  You can change your spiritual habits of you know that your life is not what you want it to be.  Another day allows for change. Everyone can stand to grow more in different ways gradually while learning lessons on the way.  Embrace a new day and consider yourself new everyday!

When I Was Young, I Wish I Knew…I’m Here To Tell Me Though

As an adult I feel like there are things that I’ve grown to realize and wished I had known when I was younger and I decided that I would write my younger self a “Letter of Lessons.”

Pen and Paper

Dear Young Love,

It’s me, you! Just a little older.  I bet you didn’t really expect to hear from the older you but here I am.  I decided to write you to let you know some things that I’ve learned that should help you live.

On A Journey

I know who you are and you’re a creative, happy person but you hold things in so much.  I feel like you know this but as long as you’re laughing you’re okay. Somehow you’ve lost your laugh, and most importantly, your smile.  You won’t always feel like this.  You made a decision that you weren’t ready to make and you spoke it and wanted to change it but it wasn’t taken well and you gave up on it. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut and heart because that will stop you from doing a lot of things that mean a lot to you.  Remember that you are an artistic person and you need a creative outlet to sustain you so you can learn other things.  Learn this motto and live by it:  Creativity is the gateway to all life.  Live your creativity.

Music Heart

Law Gavel

You don’t realize it now but you have a difficult time being committed and letting someone love you.  There are reasons for that and you know what they are.  Have the conversations you need to have because you may lose real love in the process due to your fear of hurt.  You will hurt other people but you are creating that hurt from hurt you don’t know you have.


I know you’re young and you’re sure about what you want to do with your life but your mind will change (you’re a Libra, after all!). Realize that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’re created to live that life. Explore other endeavors and don’t be afraid to jump out of the box and shine! You’re here and you have something extraordinary to share with the world.  God gave it to you so use it!

Loving You More Than Enough,

Mature You

My Name Is…But If I HAD To Change It….

In my opinion everyone has an identity that people around them are familiar with.  The first thing that people identify you with is your name.  I personally love my name because my mother and father decided that Charita fit me.  I adore my name.  I feel it fits me so well and makes me who I am.

Name Pic

However to answer the November 7 challenge question “If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?” for NaBloPoMo I would have to say call me Carolina.  I would switch my name to Carolina if I HAD to change it.

The name Carolina means “Song of Happiness and Joy” and I would like it to be pronounced kah-ro-LEE-nah.  I’m not really sure why I like the name but I do like it.  It’s difficult because I really love Charita, the name and the person.  Thinking of a name change is not something I’ve ever thought about because my parents named me.  If you read my post on November 1, then you see a glimpse of how I feel about my parents but you will see more later on that.

I love my parents and they love me I’m sure.  My mother gave me my first name and my dad gave me my middle name and of course I inherited my dad’s last name.  I just feel like if I changed my name I would hurt my parents because they put thought into giving me an identity that I would grow into and grow to love.  I am in love with my name and how others identify me with that name and there is no negative connotations to it.  It was slightly different than most names but it still connected me to my parents.

I know that I answered the question saying I would change my name to Carolina but I will say now that you can call me by my name that was given to my by my parents…Charita.  I fell my name is a reflection of them and they are unique, loving, and AMAZING!!!

Bugs Bunny and Claire Huxtable Have Something in Common…

Ok I know that this post is a couple of days past due but I’ve been traveling and preparing for a drive of EPIC proportions and a week long trip is a little daunting but I made it to my destination and I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming as new as it may be.

Now on to the post that was supposed to happen on Nov. 4 for the NaBloPoMo challenge and the question is *drum roll* “Who is your favorite character of all time?”  This one is difficult because it doesn’t necessarily say cartoon or real television character so I’ll give one of each.  Hopefully that’ll  work for the challenge.

The first character I’m going to declare as my favorite of all time as a cartoon is Bugs Bunny. I have been watching cartoons as long as I can remember and no other cartoon character has ever had me laughing so hard (as a kid I mean! *side eye*).


Bugs Bunny

Bugs and Elmer Fudd’s dynamic always made me wonder “Why does Elmer always hunt Bugs when he is always the one that gets hurt in the end?” I was a kid so I really didn’t care but he was always the one that got hurt. Bugs is just a really cool cat…err…rabbit. I loved the slick, funny stuff he would say to Elmer and leave Elmer looking like somebody made him take a Chinese Calculus test.  LOVE BUGS!!!!

On the real television character side, I love Claire Huxtable of The Cosby Show face brought to LIFE by Phylicia Rashad.

Claire Huxtable

Claire Huxtable is the epitome of beauty, class and GROWN WOMAN.  When she spoke, people listened and she ran a (clearly scripted but) well-rounded household.  It helps that she was an attorney with great style.  She has my future life (prayerfully). She just seemed like a fair person and she also know how to command respect from all people but she was very kind.  Phylicia Rashad is still a beautiful lady and I have been a fan of hers for a long time.  She gave me a character that I have forever respected  and will hopefully introduce to my future children.

BlogHer is really giving me thing to think about with the daily prompts but I’m glad they are because my creativity is looking so much more colorful than it has in a long time. Thank you BlogHer for the NaBloPoMo. It means a lot to me to be able to what I love with your help for this newbie!

I Love To Write and So I Blog…..

I LOVE to write and didn’t realize how much until recently and so I blog…..My Pic

I would like to introduce myself first though. My name is Charita and I have been going over and over in my mind about whether I should start a blog and this one is very simple considering I’m just starting out. I love reading blogs and I have a lot of favorites. I find myself reading those favorites every single day and I realized since that there are interesting people out there that have great stories and things that happen in their lives that I am privileged to read.

I decided that this will be my very FIRST post to my new blog. I want to express myself in all ways with this new journey that I’m starting. I have a lot of ideas, thoughts, and GREATNESS I want to share about my life and the things that happen in it. This is my outlet creatively. I don’t really know any other way to express it but through this blog hopefully I will find them. I will also be posting some things that I’ve already written in the past…I’m talking years ago. I have poetry that I’ve written that I think, personally, are great. I just feel that now is the time to share them and other things that have inspired me….hopefully to inspire others to finally start pursuing the things that they love and will make them happy.

As this blog is created and hopefully grows gradually and as I gradually grow, I hope to inspire with my words, my photography and my life. Grow with me as I take this journey!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!