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Poetic Thursday

So it is Thursday again and I realize I hadn’t posted a new poem since I began Poetic Thursday but I’m trying to do a better job of being consistent in my blogging so here is another poem by me:


In my mind I see perfection
He lives in my mind
As that symbol that could do wrong
But admit he was wrong and make it right
That will disagree
But agree with me that we disagree
And never let it come between he and me
That sees my faults and loves my faults
Because he knows they’re a part of me
I dream of him in the day
And think of him in the night
I feel his words sink into my heart as I breathe
I hear his voice
Penetrate my soul as he speaks
Perfection is in the eye of the beholder
And my eye beholds perfection in him
By definition, in my version of Websters
It’s simply put “He”

Written by me October 6, 2010

Hopefully I can keep this going every week. Comment below to let me know if you like Poetic Thursday.

Thanks for reading! It means a lot. 


Sometimes This Will Happen….

This blog has been, so far, a great creative medium for me.  I started When Life Loves because I needed to remind myself of the talent I have and get it out there for other people to see and hopefully give me their feedback and be inspired in the process.  I know that I’ve started the National Blog Posting Month challenge for November but since I’m loving this already I will be posting other things in between and so I’ve decided to start a new series that I will post every Thursday called I Will Express. 

Pen Image

I will post a poem every Thursday that was written by me to get it out and express myself and also get feedback.  Whatever I post will definitely be written by me and will be inspired by my experiences and other experiences that I’ve seen or witnessed.  I know that me starting this series, I will deem Poetic Thursday, will probably be a favorite for me and hopefully it helps someone or gives someone else inspiration to express themselves in the way they see fit.  So I will begin today (though it’s not Thursday so 2 poems this week):

The Initial

Born out of coincidence

A one-sided street

And how did we meet

From one blind eye

Who thought we wouldn’t compete

Initial contact no flames were seen

But one conversation sparked everything

A walk in the park

Of Olympic stature

One soul met another

To find a moment

And stories of life to capture

Hid myself away

Opened his book

Read his story

As long as it took

Been reading ever since

But does it end?

Felt that openness might have been genuine

Led one day to the other extreme

Felt nothing but the crash and burn

Of what was left behind

Questioned everything

From the shirt to the glasses

I don’t do this

The asking of the questions

Like you didn’t know what was happening


I hope you liked this one because BOY was it personal!! Let me know what you think of the poem and if you like the idea of Poetic Thursday. I might actually start featuring other people’s poems too if you like the idea of that.  I do know some dope poets personally. I think they may actually like the idea so let me know if you like it!