So I have changed my blog name…

Hello all you beautiful people!
I know I haven’t posted anything to this blog in a while but there is a reason for this. I decided that the name of the blog doesn’t fit me at all and when I started blogging I don’t feel I thought the name all the way through.
Fortunately I have thought it out for a while and the new name is….(drumroll please)
Colors of A Sapphire!!!

I chose this name because I felt like it embodied me because my birthstone is Sapphire but I am not a person that is only one dimensional or one color so that’s where colors came from which also means that my posts will be multi-dimensional. I wanted to express that to everyone. Hopefully everyone will like the new flow of the new blog, Colors Of A Sapphire! Click on the link and go over and check out the new look! Let me know what you think.


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