When My Life Transitions So Does My Hair

So I’ve made a decision that I’m actually happy with.  I actually believe I made the decision months ago but didn’t realize it.  This transition I’m making is definitely a lifestyle change.  I’m making a lot of those but I’ll share more about the others later.  The transition I’m speaking of now is *drumroll* my Hair!


When I was younger I didn’t get a relaxer until maybe 9th grade because my mother wanted my hair to be as healthy as it can be for as long as I could handle it being natural.  Once before I got a relaxer my dad asked me if I wanted my hair straightened or pressed and I said yes and he took me to get it done.  My mother was more than a little upset.  I think it was because she wanted to be there for that event in my life and she just wasn’t ready for me to have my hair straightened in any way.  I got my hair pressed ever since then until 9th grade when I got my first relaxer.

I can’t lie.  When I got my first relaxer it was just easier to have my hair permanently straightened for at least 2 months because of all the activities I was involved in.  Being able to just put a comb through it and pull it back was just time-saving and I loved it.


I’m getting older and way more comfortable with who I am and not worried about everybody else’s happiness above my own.  I’m loving me so I decided to grow my relaxer out so that my hair grows to its natural texture.


Transitioning my hair to becoming a natural girl has been fairly easy and is actually about the same maintenance as my relaxed hair in my opinion.  I LOVE the way it curls and waves and moves and I’ve been watching an endless number of Youtube videos to figure out the best way to maintain it and make sure it stays healthy throughout the whole process and it’s coming along very well.  I’m really happy with the look and feel of my hair and I’m looking forward to every stage of my natural hair growth.  EVERY. BEAUTIFUL. STAGE. As of right now I am in Stage 2 as seen below. I will post pictures soon of all these curls I have.


Hey is there something in your life that’s new for you or something you’re transitioning into or out of?  Let me know and leave a link if you’ve written about it in my comments.


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