When I Was Young, I Wish I Knew…I’m Here To Tell Me Though

As an adult I feel like there are things that I’ve grown to realize and wished I had known when I was younger and I decided that I would write my younger self a “Letter of Lessons.”

Pen and Paper

Dear Young Love,

It’s me, you! Just a little older.  I bet you didn’t really expect to hear from the older you but here I am.  I decided to write you to let you know some things that I’ve learned that should help you live.

On A Journey

I know who you are and you’re a creative, happy person but you hold things in so much.  I feel like you know this but as long as you’re laughing you’re okay. Somehow you’ve lost your laugh, and most importantly, your smile.  You won’t always feel like this.  You made a decision that you weren’t ready to make and you spoke it and wanted to change it but it wasn’t taken well and you gave up on it. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut and heart because that will stop you from doing a lot of things that mean a lot to you.  Remember that you are an artistic person and you need a creative outlet to sustain you so you can learn other things.  Learn this motto and live by it:  Creativity is the gateway to all life.  Live your creativity.

Music Heart

Law Gavel

You don’t realize it now but you have a difficult time being committed and letting someone love you.  There are reasons for that and you know what they are.  Have the conversations you need to have because you may lose real love in the process due to your fear of hurt.  You will hurt other people but you are creating that hurt from hurt you don’t know you have.


I know you’re young and you’re sure about what you want to do with your life but your mind will change (you’re a Libra, after all!). Realize that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’re created to live that life. Explore other endeavors and don’t be afraid to jump out of the box and shine! You’re here and you have something extraordinary to share with the world.  God gave it to you so use it!

Loving You More Than Enough,

Mature You


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