Working On A Better Me

I really am appreciative to BlogHer for NaBloPoMo because these challenges are helping me look inside myself and ask myself questions that I need to answer so the question for the November 6 prompt is “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

For the longest time I have thought about this but I never actually answered the question because I’m a fairly confident person and I love myself.  I know that there are things that everyone would want to change about themselves and I have figured out what mine is…focus.


I realize now that I have, for a long time, been out of focus.  My life is okay but it’s nowhere compared to where I thought I would be at this age.  There are so many things that I wanted to have done by now (a Whole Other Post).  Those things require focus and that’s something that I have lacked the last couple of years (yes, years).

However I am working on adjusting the lens on my camera so that I develop better images that I am living and loving in my life.  Starting this blog, for example, is something I’ve wanted to do since the beginning of this year and now I’ve finally done it.  I’m using this blog as an outlet for expression and to keep me focused on my goals and tasks for other things.  I’m hoping this will work because I’m working on getting things done.


So I’m working on more than a few changes in my life and I’ve started with this blog and there is definitely more to come….the BEST is yet to come!!


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