My Name Is…But If I HAD To Change It….

In my opinion everyone has an identity that people around them are familiar with.  The first thing that people identify you with is your name.  I personally love my name because my mother and father decided that Charita fit me.  I adore my name.  I feel it fits me so well and makes me who I am.

Name Pic

However to answer the November 7 challenge question “If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?” for NaBloPoMo I would have to say call me Carolina.  I would switch my name to Carolina if I HAD to change it.

The name Carolina means “Song of Happiness and Joy” and I would like it to be pronounced kah-ro-LEE-nah.  I’m not really sure why I like the name but I do like it.  It’s difficult because I really love Charita, the name and the person.  Thinking of a name change is not something I’ve ever thought about because my parents named me.  If you read my post on November 1, then you see a glimpse of how I feel about my parents but you will see more later on that.

I love my parents and they love me I’m sure.  My mother gave me my first name and my dad gave me my middle name and of course I inherited my dad’s last name.  I just feel like if I changed my name I would hurt my parents because they put thought into giving me an identity that I would grow into and grow to love.  I am in love with my name and how others identify me with that name and there is no negative connotations to it.  It was slightly different than most names but it still connected me to my parents.

I know that I answered the question saying I would change my name to Carolina but I will say now that you can call me by my name that was given to my by my parents…Charita.  I fell my name is a reflection of them and they are unique, loving, and AMAZING!!!


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