Bugs Bunny and Claire Huxtable Have Something in Common…

Ok I know that this post is a couple of days past due but I’ve been traveling and preparing for a drive of EPIC proportions and a week long trip is a little daunting but I made it to my destination and I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming as new as it may be.

Now on to the post that was supposed to happen on Nov. 4 for the NaBloPoMo challenge and the question is *drum roll* “Who is your favorite character of all time?”  This one is difficult because it doesn’t necessarily say cartoon or real television character so I’ll give one of each.  Hopefully that’ll  work for the challenge.

The first character I’m going to declare as my favorite of all time as a cartoon is Bugs Bunny. I have been watching cartoons as long as I can remember and no other cartoon character has ever had me laughing so hard (as a kid I mean! *side eye*).


Bugs Bunny

Bugs and Elmer Fudd’s dynamic always made me wonder “Why does Elmer always hunt Bugs when he is always the one that gets hurt in the end?” I was a kid so I really didn’t care but he was always the one that got hurt. Bugs is just a really cool cat…err…rabbit. I loved the slick, funny stuff he would say to Elmer and leave Elmer looking like somebody made him take a Chinese Calculus test.  LOVE BUGS!!!!

On the real television character side, I love Claire Huxtable of The Cosby Show face brought to LIFE by Phylicia Rashad.

Claire Huxtable

Claire Huxtable is the epitome of beauty, class and GROWN WOMAN.  When she spoke, people listened and she ran a (clearly scripted but) well-rounded household.  It helps that she was an attorney with great style.  She has my future life (prayerfully). She just seemed like a fair person and she also know how to command respect from all people but she was very kind.  Phylicia Rashad is still a beautiful lady and I have been a fan of hers for a long time.  She gave me a character that I have forever respected  and will hopefully introduce to my future children.

BlogHer is really giving me thing to think about with the daily prompts but I’m glad they are because my creativity is looking so much more colorful than it has in a long time. Thank you BlogHer for the NaBloPoMo. It means a lot to me to be able to what I love with your help for this newbie!


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